Honda Pioneer Stuff

Due to our love of the outdoors, and Jason always creating and making things better, we added another category to our business in 2020, Honda Pioneer Stuff.

As a family we love going on adventures on our Pioneer.  As Jason made improvements to ours and helped friends with their projects, he decided to offer these goods to others as well.  He has a new spark in his life, is so talented at this kind of thing, and has a passion for all things outdoors.  We're excited to see where this added endeavor may lead.

(Don't worry, he still helps me run our now opened shops.  Signs, furniture, leatherwork, etc. is here to stay!) Yes, he's a busy man of many talents...though if you're looking for him, you might find him at the lake! 

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Honda Pioneer Floorboard Mod Kit
Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Tailgate Kit (Also fits 700 and 700-4)
Honda Pioneer 1000-3 Tailgate Kit
Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Bed Extender