How do you recommend hanging your signs?

All of our wooden signs come with a keyhole hanger or two.  Saw tooth hangers can also be easily added if preferred.

We hang our metal signs with small nails. It is best to level and hold the sign in place and position the nails in a few places between the letters.  Two nails usually do the job.  To forgo nail holes, Command picture hanging kits are sure to do the job.

I purchased one of your raw steel signs and it is rusting. Is there a way I can clean it?

Though we love the natural patina our raw steel signs develop over time, they can be cleaned with an SOS pad or sanded. To keep the sign shiny, you can spray it with clear spray paint which is available at most all hardware stores or Walmart. A light coat of cooking oil can also be used to preserve the natural finish.

Can your signs be used outdoors?

Our painted, metal signs have the life expectancy of any painted metal item exposed to the elements.  Our raw steel items will rust over time, which can be rather charming.  We do not recommend wooden signs to be used outdoors.

Who crafts your Made in Waco, Texas items?

We are a small family business.  Though we have occasional help from our parents (mostly in the treasure hunting area of our work), most of the craftsmanship is completed by Jason with assistance from Angel and Lily.

Do you do custom work?

Yes!  Along with our few standard customizable pieces, we also offer custom signs and furniture.  Contact us here to discuss your project.

I need more of an item than you have available on your website.  Would I be able to get more?

Most of the time!  Since we carry most of these items in our brick and mortar location, we often have larger amounts on hand and would be happy to assist you with a larger order.  

I follow you on Instagram/Facebook and you posted a vintage item that is not available on your website.  Do you ship other items?

Yes!  If the item(s) is still available, we are always happy to help with these types of requests.

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes, check out how to apply here.

I live in the area or plan to be in the area. Can I order online and pick up to save on shipping?

Yes!  To save on shipping, use code LOCAL to pick up your items at Spice Village.  Please be sure your order includes your preferred method of contact, so we can let you know when your items are ready.

Do you know Chip and Joanna Gaines?

We can't claim to be best buds or anything, but have met.  Joanna used to have a shop at Spice, where our brick and mortar is located, so we used to see her around.  Jason actually met with Chip not long before their show was picked up.  After talking to Joanna at Spice, he met with Chip about being a possible project manager for some of their renovations.  At the time, Jason was in the process of getting his new home building business off the ground and a new father (in the beginning stages of Fixer Upper, the plan included homes in a larger area so the job would have included quite a bit of travel) so he decided it was not the position for him.  We rarely see the famous couple around town these days, but we are forever grateful for all they have done for Waco.

Are you trying to be the next Chip and Joanna Gaines?

We actually get this more than you would think, so I thought I should address it in case you are wondering too.  And the answer is no, not at all.  Sure our styles may have some crossover and who hasn't been inspired by Joanna?!  We are just doing us and what we love.  We built a home together and learned and developed our style during the pre-Pinterest and Instagram days. Though our style has evolved some over time, we still love and are inspired by the same things. We have no desire to be in the public eye.  Putting ourselves out there for social media and our website is awkward enough for us...but we haven't figured out a way to sell things online without promoting our work, so here we are.  We're happy you found us.