About Us


Jason, Angel & Lily of Tradinghouse Design Co.

The dream started in an old boat shed in the 1990s. Angel's parents set up her art room in an old barn that formerly housed her dad's boat. She spent countless hours creating and displaying items for sale. Though her location was rural, she envisioned shoppers arriving and loading their vehicles with her goods. She offered classes to her younger cousins and sister and one year they even recorded a Christmas crafting special, similar (in her mind anyways) to one Martha Stewart may have aired.

After graduating college, Angel was given the opportunity to open a small shop inside Spice Village (at that time named, The Shops of River Square Center.) The shop, Bee Angels, consisted of a small wall about four feet wide. She sold bath products and eventually expanded to offer silver gifts. Over the years, she moved around Spice Village expanding and decreasing. The product mixed changed and eventually offered more handmade, vintage and antique treasures, Angel's true passion.

In 2006 she married the love of her life, Jason. Angel enjoyed having his help and added special touches to her shop though traveling and fishing occupied much of their time during the very early years.

In 2009 the couple began one of their biggest projects, building a house, doing much of the work themselves. They blogged about the process here, The Weld House. The house took about two years to complete. Soon after they moved in, it was time for Jason to take on a new adventure. He started a custom home building business, Weld House Homes. The couple enjoyed helping other couples build the home of their dreams. The completed homes oftentimes featured a handmade table built by Jason. He thoroughly enjoyed this part of the project and had a natural talent at his new woodworking hobby.

In 2012 the couple welcomed a new baby, Lily. She grew up home building, treasure hunting and working in the shop. She has continued to be quite the helper.

In 2015, an opportunity to expand at Spice Village led Jason and Angel to take a break from the home building and focus on Bee Angels and a new shop, Tradinghouse Design Co. The new shop allowed them to offer a much larger selection of items including handmade items, such as Jason's farm tables, hutches, signs, and found treasures.

The following year, they were given another opportunity to expand and opened their third shop, Lily's Toy Box, which was a completely new challenge but proved to be the perfect addition to their family businesses.

Jason, Angel and Lily feel so blessed that God had this plan for their lives and are still in awe at how all the pieces fell into place at the right times. They love working together, doing things they love everyday.