About Us



Jason, Angel & Lily of Tradinghouse Design Co.



We are a small Family operated business in Waco Texas. Our passion is to create quality merchandise and we do that in many ways. From the automotive industry to the UTV world down to now apparel and many lasered items. Our goal is and always has been to create a life that we don't need a break from. My name is Jason and I'm passionate about family, friends and the great outdoors. I love fishing and hiking and exploring new territory. I have been self employed since 2011 after a 15 year career in steel sales followed by about 5 years as a custom home builder. I finally have settled in to what I really enjoy which is creating and selling. My wife  Angel graduated from UTA with a bachelor degree in business management. Her so smart! She is the person that keeps it all running smoothly. She makes a lot of lists and reminds me everyday of what needs to be done (which I need). She also runs the laser machine and she is great at it. Lily is our sweet daughter. She loves the outdoors as well and is a very talented writer and musician. She helps us from time to time by pricing things and picking out items to sell in our brick and mortar store in @spicevillage. Thanks for checking out our website!


Jason Paul