What Are We Getting Jesus for Christmas?

What Are We Getting Jesus for Christmas?

If it's Jesus' birthday, why doesn't he have a present under the tree?

My little girl wondered as she asked this question to me.

I smiled as I gently brushed back her hair.

It warmed my mommy heart to hear that she cared.

Though it wasn't easy to convince and difficult to explain

Why not the teddy bear she saw fit? Instead something so plain.

You give a gift to Jesus when you love, when you spread it on thick.

Loving is what Jesus wants and what makes him tick.

When you play with the lonely, weird kid at school

Jesus really likes that gift and thinks that it's cool.

Kindness is a lovely gift Jesus is always happy to see

Having a big, caring heart is a great way to be.

Sharing your toys or buying gifts for kids without a mom or a dad

That is another gift Jesus thinks is totally rad.

Serving food to the homeless or collecting coats and can goods

Jesus likes that kind of present in his neck of the woods.

Singing and glorifying his name at the Christmas Eve play

Jesus will be there celebrating, watching, hearing each word you say.

You see, Jesus doesn't want presents all shiny and bright

All he wants is for you and the world to love with all their might.

If he had a cake with candles-before he blew them out

He'd make one wish for everyone to love-no doubt.

Love one another.

Serve one another.

Honor our father and mother.

Though my little one thinks Jesus would still like a teddy under the tree

I still aim to teach her how beautiful loving one another can be.

This Christmas season and year after year

One day the true meaning of Christmas shall become clear.

After a conversation I had with Lily last year when she was 5, I wrote this blog post. This pic includes one of my favorite toys of Lily's that I was given before she was born and we get it out for Christmas every year.

Last year, we added another neat tradition: The Giving Manger

May the true meaning of Christmas surround you and yours this season.

Merry Christmas!

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Awwww So Precious


I love this! We make sure each of our Kids families with our grandkids have the same kind of toy Nativity play set! God is so good all the time.

Beth Ann Brandt

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