Throw back to my very first Mother's Day!

Throw back to my very first Mother's Day!

I spy a little caboose.

 Lily is napping, the kitchen is cleaned (thanks to my hubby), Jason (my hubby) is outside working and I am enjoying my first Mother's Day, blogging and reflecting in a nice, quiet house.

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Last year at this time, I had no idea what was in store.

 People can try to explain, can tell you how much your life will change, but until that little one comes into your world, you just can't grasp it.

Lily's first time inside a jump house!  She is getting so big.

 The good: cuddles, fun, learning, laughing, being silly, exploring, sleeping sweetly, smiles...the joy!

The not so good: crying, worry, messes, not sleeping...but it is all so worth it.

 My respect for mothers has definitely grown.

 I still have so much to learn.

 And am thankful to be surrounded by so many wonderful mothers.

 Oh, and dads too!

 I love being a mom to my little Lily.

We (as in I walk outside to check on the progress) are in the middle of some shop projects.  I hope to show some before and after pictures eventually. [If you're interested in building your own steel workshop like we did but need something a little easier, we found this great kit that may be the perfect fit for you linked here]

 I am so thankful to have such a great partner in parenthood.

Our Pomegranate is blooming! [If you're looking for a great selection of plants and blooms for spring and are one of our locals from Waco, TX, click here]

 Life truly is beautiful.

A surprise carload of groceries delivered to our house!

 And plentiful!

 I love having a little partner to help me with the daily tasks.

We start out all cute and clean.

 But mostly to make me stop and take a break from my daily tasks to PLAY!

Until I find daddy's fishing frog.

 No, every day is not perfect.  But every day has its perfect moments.

Yum! And yes, her skirt is on sideways.

 Each and every day, when I rock this little doll I kiss her beautiful head and thank God for this blessing I could never deserve.

 I am so lucky.

[Lots of people are always looking for embroidery shops here in Waco. This is just one of many]

 I love you, Lily Marie.

Thank you for making me a mom.

And I love you, mom.

Thanks for being my mom.

If I can be half the mom you are, I'll be proud.

We made it through the church service without having to step out.  Granny and Grandpa kept Lily busy!  That's a good mother's day gift!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there.

Time to celebrate some more.

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