This is Us: Part 2

This is Us: Part 2

Jason here:

You see, I have always been interested in Angel. 

In the early days, she was quiet and shy but boy there was just something about her that I wanted to get to know better.

I guess you could say our first date, if you could call it that, was kind of a flop. I was interested in her but did not really get the same vibe from her.  So we went to a work Christmas party at my then boss' home. It was nice and all but she was kind of quiet and even timid. Looking back on it, probably wasn't the perfect scenario for a first date.

Enter the Witches and Trolls (as she puts it).

Actually the timing just wasn't right for us.  I think we both knew that and I sure wasn't gonna force it. After that date I was kind of let down. My balloon was deflated. Life goes on, right?

As the years went by, Angel moved to Arlington to go to school and I was honing my skills as a salesman at a local steel company. I would see Angel at her family's farm for special occasions. I have to admit there was still a spark. I was always excited and happy if Angel was there. I remember playing badminton over a clothes line and not wanting the game to end or the sun to go down because I was enjoying the time with her laughing and even flirting a little. Easter was another fond memory of mine. Things happen for a reason. I'm a firm believer in that, as is Angel, and the good Lord finally put us on the same path.

The Phone Call:

I'll never forget the day Angel's mom called me at work to ask if I could help Angel with an assignment. I was told she needed to interview someone in a sales position. Well that had my name written all over it.

Her mom informed me that Angel would call me sometime that week in the evening. I was at the gym when the phone call came. I don't think I even finished my workout. I remember talking to her and the conversation was just so natural and easy.

Before I knew it, the clock said 11:00 p.m. I wasn't tired and we had talked for five hours, and I remember thinking man she has really changed from our first date so many years ago. She was not shy or timid. She was much more confident and interesting... and still a knock out I should add.

However we were both still in relationships that were stale and not really going anywhere. Why do we stay in those? Convenience?? I don't know!

Over the next year we stayed in touch primarily through email but we had a few phone calls and we became closer. I can remember how I would get butterflies in my stomach when I saw babyangel723 in my inbox. It made my day. Heck it made my week. I think I broke it off first with my stale mate and started dating here and there when the news came. Angel was single and I was too.

At last the stars were aligning for us.

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