I Heart Farmhouse Style

I Heart Farmhouse Style

I have always been drawn to all things farmhouse.


Before I had a home of my own, I perused estate sales and flea markets for antique dishes, buckets, and jars.  I hunted in old barns and found beauty in items that were left behind or about to be thrown away.  I boxed up my favorite finds for the day I would have a house.

Though the modern farmhouse style is quite lovely and popular right now (I do heart it!!), I have always been more about the primitive and rustic farmhouse style.  Simple yet full of character at the same time.  Pieces that tell a story.

This bench used to live beside the shed at my Grandparents' house.  There were two of them beside each other and a popular place to sit and chat with all my cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Anything farmhouse reminds me of my Granny and Grandpa and their home place. Maybe that is why I love it so! Some of my favorite pieces in our home came from their estate.  Something they built for function and with materials they had (with 10 kids they knew how to stretch the pennies!), now adds such interest to areas of our home. And the extra bonus is when there is a story or memory behind the piece.

This angle shows a touch of John Deere green paint that my Grandpa loved to use to paint any and everything!


When I think of farmhouse style, I think of items that are worn and used.  I love the patina of crazed dishes.  The texture that an old, wooden dish or cutting board adds to a space can't be beat.  I like to think of the many times my granny used her enamel bowl to mix bread dough.



Farmhouse style also allows you to reuse and recycle items.  I love to let things live on and give them another life.  In several areas of our home, we used reclaimed wood.  It adds such warmth.


This wall that makes up one side of our pantry is made of wood reclaimed from an old barn.

I like the versatility of farmhouse decor.  With its simple, timeless qualities, it is easy to switch things up.   One day you may find my ironstone pitchers being displayed in the kitchen, but on another day one might be on our coffee table holding fresh flowers.


Farmhouse style is perfectly imperfect.  So what if a platter has a little chip or the hinges on a wooden box have some rust?  That is what makes them extra charming in my eyes!

Perfectly imperfect scale

I am not sure how long this farmhouse craze will last but I am certain there will always be a big place for it in my heart.

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